Complex Wound Care VH Western Massachusetts

Complex Wound Care

Time Doesn't Heal Wounds Alone

Vibra Hospital has a comprehensive inpatient Wound Care Program designed for patients requiring extensive treatment interventions. 

Positive Outcomes

Our wound care team includes wound care specialists, nurses, rehabilitative therapists and nutritionists. Our program focuses on restoring skin integrity and preventing skin care complications. Although many of our patients have multi-system health complications, the majority of them show a significant improvement in their wound appearance during their stay at Vibra.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Surgical Wounds

  • open non-healing post-surgical wounds
  • localized incisions
  • infected and/or draining wounds
  • complicated surgical wounds

Pressure Ulcers with Complications

  • multiple stage II
  • stage III or IV

Other Wounds Associated with:

  • infections requiring IV antibiotics
  • wounds requiring frequent dressing changes
  • amputations
  • diabetic ulcers
  • necrotizing fasciitis
  • osteomyelitis
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • venous stasis
  • post trauma
  • burns
  • fistulas

Comprehensive Services

Beginning with a thorough patient history and assessment of the wound conditions, our Wound Care Program provides a full range of services following national standards of care and wound care research protocols. These include:

  • surgical consults and services, including debridement and surgical closure (often at bedside)
  • pressure reduction surfaces
  • wound assessment and photo documentation
  • functional and nutritional assessments
  • daily physician visits
  • acute care nursing staff services
  • vacuum-assisted wound closures
  • localized hydrotherapy
  • wide variety of topical agents
  • identification of healing impediments
  • interdisciplinary team conferences
  • patient and caregiver education
  • IV antibiotics

Team Treatment

Utilizing an interdisciplinary team approach, our Wound Care Program provides coordinated, outcome-oriented care. The interdisciplinary team meets on a regular basis and is composed of experienced specialists in wound care. This team includes:

  • primary physician
  • nationally certified wound care coordinator
  • nursing staff experienced in the care of complex wounds
  • plastic or general surgeon
  • physical therapists
  • occupational therapists
  • podiatrist
  • registered dietitian
  • pharmacists
  • case management and social services
  • family members

Uniqueness of the Program

Our patients have access, which may include but is not limited to:

  • daily visits by an attending physician
  • consultative surgeons
  • in-house operating/special procedure rooms
  • wide scope of physician consults, including infectious disease
  • special care units
  • in-house radiology, pharmacy and lab services